Non- Invasive Prenatal Parentage Test (MBT)Back

safe and noninvasive, and can be tested as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy


Price: HK$ 12,000
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safe and noninvasive, and can be tested as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy


Non- Invasive Prenatal Parentage Test (MBT) Purchase Information Service Procedure Q&A

The principle of Non- Invasive Prenatal Parentage Test (MBT)

Newer DNA technologies take advantage of the fact that there is free fetal DNA circulating in the mother's bloodstream. The test is able to separate the fetal DNA from the maternal blood, while assuming the father can provide his blood or mouth cell samples for analysis.

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Purchase Information

  1. *Please note that all tests & ultrasound examinations are conducted in CLINICS, not DiagCor Laboratory. Samples would be transfer to DiagCor Lab after blood draw in Clinic.
  2. This test requires gestational age of 10 weeks or above .


Clients who satisfy the following circumstance(s) are not qualified to take the test.

  • Client's gestational age less than 10 weeks
  • Twin or multiple pregnancy
  • Client has one or more fetuses have ceased to develop (e.g. vanishing twin).
  • Using donor eggs or surrogate mothers
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Service Procedure

PART 1 : Purchase a Test Service via Diagcor Lab Website

  1. Choose your test.
  2. Please read the purchase information carefully.
  3. After reading purchase information, please press “Add to Cart”.
  4. Sign up for a new member account. If you already have a member account, please log-in.
  5. Please proceed to the shopping cart page and press “Check Out”.
  6. Please fill in all the required personal information of the testee for verification by
  7. Proceed to WeChat pay or PayPal online payment system. (After the transaction is done, a confirmation SMS would be sent to client's phone.)

PART 2 : Dial DiagCor Lab to Make an Appointment.

Please dial DiagCor Lab Service hotline: (852) 5180 5747to make an appointment.

PART 3 : Go to the Clinic to Claim Certain Test Services

Please go to the clinic on the booking date for  blood draw, and buccal swab. The testee has to present ID card & the confirmation SMS to claim certain test services.

PART 4 : Receive Report

Once the report is ready, the clinic will inform you to collect your report.


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QUnder what circumstances one cannot take Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (MBT)?

Surrogacy、Fetal proportion should not be less than 2% (not less than about 6-8 weeks of pregnancy) and Fraternal twins

QWhat do I need to prepare before Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (MBT), do I need to draw blood on an empty stomach?

No special preparation required, no fasting required

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